THE FAN our first collection, MEGASTAR, commemorates the celebrity.

Using Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine covers, hand-painted by Richard F. Bernstein, THE FAN remembers our larger-than-life icons and the moment in which they all collided in the New York City streets, studios, and nightclubs in the late 1970s.

Glamorous yet gritty and mysterious yet omnipresent, these designers, musicians, actors, and other artists created their own brand of celebrity which we are still trying to live up to today.

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Created by designer Elle Azhdari and fashion stylist Cristina Aranda-Garzon, THE FAN is a celebration of pop culture inspired by our individual idiosyncrasies and personal collections.

Elle and Cristina both grew up with generational pop culture game-changers like MTV and have been collectors for years, amassing an extensive archive reflective of their icons. These artists shaped the world as much as they shaped their ideas and experiences.

THE FAN will release a new concept quarterly of limited edition styles that will never be restocked or repeated. THE FAN is at once both a nostalgic nod to influential giants and a new, bold statement that hasn’t been made yet.


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