Created by London based designer and creative director Elle Azhdari, THE FAN is a high-end inspired sportswear label driven by a reverence for popular culture and personal collections, from past to the present.

“My passion with photography, film and music started when I was just a kid. I grew up with generational pop culture game-changers like MTV, Smash Hits/The Face/i-D magazine, bold graphic art and idolising movie stars. I have been a collector for years, amassing an extensive archive reflective of my icons. I decided to create unique statement pieces inspired by my personal collections, and THE FAN brand was born. These icons shaped the world as much as they shaped my ideas and experiences.”

THE FAN will release a new concept 3 times a year of limited edition styles that will never be restocked or repeated. THE FAN is at once both a nostalgic nod to influential giants and a new, bold statement that hasn’t been made yet.